Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello friends.....

Hello to my dearest family and friends. So now that it's clearly evident that blogging just isn't my thing, for those who do care here are what the wilsons have been up to.

As of lately we are all just gearing ourselves for baby #2 to arrive. With anxiety, excitment, and the great unkown all being expected, we couldn't be happier to have this little man join our fam. Trust me it can't come soon enough. 3 1/2 weeks left and it still feels like an absolute eternity. It should be interesting to see how Zoey adjusts to her brother. Somedays I think she'll be very nuturing and loving, while the next minute i'm thinking she is going to climb in his crib and attack him to death. I guess soon enough time will tell.

Jenner and I just got back from an amazing weekend in St. George with our friends. It was 65 degrees! Felt like 100 degrees compared to the weather here which today is only a high of 8! ugh. We are grateful to grandmas and grandpas who take time our of their busy lives to help watch Zoey!!!!!!

And then there is Zoey.
She talks a mile a minute and we are lucky to catch every 6th word or so. She is a giant! And I mean that literally! She is towering over all the two year olds her age and has hands and feet the size of an ape! Guess it looks like she got her dad's genes. (Not complaining) She has more personality than a circus clown and keeps us on our toes. We love her to death. I don't have pictures to post right this second, but trust me soon enough i'll be posting of our new addition.
Much love,
Megs and Jenner.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Pictures

Just a few of our favorites! It is a sheer miracle that we had any good ones of Ms. Zo she was an absolute terror! We had the most incredible photographer ever!!!!!!! Thank Heaven's for

Zoey turns 2!

It's hard to believe Zoey is already two! We had such a fun birthday party with our families Zoey got spoiled rotten of course and loved the attention. I wonder where she gets that from??????? All in all it was a successful, fun, very tiring day!The Elmo Cake! Aaaah, if there was one thing I learned this year it is to always follow directions and use Crisco rather than Pam when baking a cake! I learned that the hard way. This was round two of this cake. It got finished 4 minutes before everyone came, Hence the reason it struggles a bit! We were in a mad dash to finish! But she loved it and i'm just glad she was able to recognize it was Elmo.
Zoey welcoming her guests.
Josie and Max are the best helpers!
A little confused still as to why so much attention. She loved it.
Popsies, as she refers to him, getting ready for all the excitment!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big News...

Okay, So I suck at Blogging, I'm good at a lot of things, blogging just doesn't seem to be one of them. However, If anyone out there even keeps up or reads my blog anymore... I just wanted you all to know that we found out yesterday that we are going to have a little baby BOY!!!!!
Couldn't be more excited!
Jenner literally jumped out of his chair in the doc's office!!! Zoey is excited too although we don't think she quite understands, I did ask her what she wanted to name her brother and she said, "Um, Elmo." So Elmo apparently has made it's way into the running for names. Any other Ideas?I'm seriously struggling with boy names!!! Open for any and all opinions!
I wish I could say i'd be back soon to write more, I hope that is the case. However, with me there are just no guarantees!
Luvs. xoxoxo

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Okay, so of course I forgot my camera on our trip to Chicago :( However, Jess was able to snap just a few shots. Here is Puck and Jess and Me at the Cubs game! And then Zoey and Josie her BFF at the Shed Aquarium.
Such a fun trip! Wish I had more pics.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Update, and random pics.

So as you can clearly tell, i'm pretty lazy when it comes to blogging, so i've decided to do an updated post once a month, and inform those who care whats been happening for that month.
This policy will go into effect July 1st 2010. Thank you.

Well our Zo zo is getting bigger and cuter each day. She is doing the funniest things these days! ex.
1)when you tell her to do something she looks at you and says, "No Way!" Major attitude.
2)She finds mirror's wherever we go and has a full on conversation with herself. Nobody knows what she is saying.
3)She has a Buzz Lightyear obsession that's been going on for sometime now, and wants nothing to do with dolls, bows, anything girly. (that's not entirely true, she does have a baby doll that she kisses and rocks to sleep.) but that is the extent.
4)She know's all the animals and the noises they make.
5)She can count to five... but forgets three and four.

There are many more, but not enough time. She is so fun and we love her more all the time.
Other news includes...
-We got back from Chicago which was a success! We had so much fun with Puck, Jess, and JJ! I forgot my camera! duh! hence the lack of pictures from there, but it was fun nonetheless.
-Jenner tore out a wall in our master bath to make our shower bigger and I have to say, It was the biggest, fattest, mess ever but looks amazing! I'll post pics soon.
Other than that, not too much has gone on.
Enjoy the few, but random shots of Zo!

Her hair in a pony-tail, looks so cute, but lets be honest, we need to get some bangs on this cutie pie!!!
Just getting up in the mornin'
We went to the Living Planet Aquarium and she got to pet a Sea Ray. Or is it Sting Ray??? anyway she loved it.
She is feeding herself and things she is in charge at all times. I love that she crosses her ankles when she sits.
She loves, to read and often i'll find her sitting in this chair turning the pages, and reading books to herself!